End of an Era

This actually happened this past Tuesday (10/1/2013), but I’m only now sitting down to post about it.

The Thursday (9/12/2013) after the accident my insurance declared my 2001 convertible Corvette totaled. Needless to say, I expected such a result, and considering the damage the car took I was saddened but relieved to hear it. Even if the front frame cross bar and rails going a foot back from it hadn’t been bent 45* to the left from the impact, I don’t think the car would’ve ever been the same afterwards, and I would’ve lived in dread fear of future electrical or mechanical issues. That would’ve destroyed all the fun and enjoyment the car brought to me.

My insurance is paying me nearly what I paid for the vehicle, which was a shock to say the least. I didn’t expect to get so well reimbursed for my loss, and State Farm likely has a customer for life after this experience. On top of that, they allowed me to have it towed home and swap off the aftermarket parts I’d put on the car. After two weekends of pulling parts, I made the call Monday to have the car towed away for the last time.

Now, I didn’t cry seeing it go away or anything like that, and the slight (mental) numbness I’ve got from the shock of having my car destroyed like that has actually helped some, but it’s no fun seeing something you’ve put so much time, money, and attention into getting taken away from you. It’s not how I wanted to see the car leave. I wanted someone else to be able to enjoy it after I was done with it. That would’ve been years away, too.

Now, what am I doing for a replacement? You don’t own two Corvettes (we still have my ’86) for nearly a decade and just stop owning Corvettes. You just can’t. It doesn’t work that way.

Well, I was looking at late model C6 Corvettes for my options, and I almost picked up a Jetstream Blue 2010 manual coupe. The owner decided last minute he didn’t want to sell, which put me back on the hunt. Now, after talking with my father, I’m taking a serious look at the C7. I don’t know what will happen yet, but for what “good” condition C6’s are going for, I’d be stupid to not consider just getting a brand new C7. Who knows? Honestly, at this point, even I don’t.

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