Some light work

Did some ‘endurance’ testing on the completed running light while I assembled the remaining LED boards. I set up the light on the Avalanche and left it running for about an hour and a half to see how hot it’d get. The laser-thermometer we have registered about 115-125* F on the hottest parts of the board, with the dome getting up to about 100* F. While this definitely qualifies as ‘warm’, considering I could still briefly touch the surfaces and not get burned, this is a definite improvement over standard bulbs like most of our other cars have.

The remaining boards went together easily enough, though I did use a pencil to trace the planned solder / wire routes on the brake / tail lights, as I was rotating a few of the LED’s to accommodate a easier pathway. I’ll hopefully start soldering the remaining boards tomorrow night, and will be using a high-temp silicone I grabbed from work to seal in the solder and wiring once all the boards have tested ok.

To resolve the visibility issue with the running lights and front signals, I’ve got three relays on order that I will wire in such a way that turning on the headlights turns off both running lights, but turning on a signal turns off just that running light. It was a pretty simple yet ingenious layout our electrical engineer at work helped me figure out.

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