Signaling a new future

So the first LED turn signal & running / reverse light board is complete! This last bit of soldering went along pretty quickly, with only one minor issue of a solder joint between two orange LED’s getting heated and coming off. That was repaired and the board was tested with a clear lens.

I’ve put a video recording of the first testing below. As expected, the low light combined with the bright LED’s pretty well blew out the camera’s ability to pick up the lights properly. The white LED’s are plenty bright, and will almost certainly be turned off at night time as they’ll be overkill, but will work incredibly well as reverse lights. Contrary to what you see in the video, the turn signals are visible when the running lights are on, however I will be looking into ways to turn off the running lights while the turn signals are engaged. I know of a couple different ways to do this, but will be researching it before acting on it. Any suggestions are always welcome, too!

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