Sending signals

After a rather unpleasant day of hauling furniture and then having to work on a Saturday, I grabbed some pizza, watched some Adventure Time, an decided to solder up the orange and white LED’s like I said I would.

Process went a bit quicker and cleaner by putting the resistors on top of the board and backside soldering them down. Got both a orange and white led set up and wired up in no time, and went out to the Avalanche (taking my spot!) to test them out.

Once again, holy moly, though this time, more for the white than the orange. I was actually a little disappointed in how bright the orange is, so it’s definitely a good thing there’s going to be double the number of orange to white LED’s. I grabbed one of the clear lenses and placed it over the two LED’s, got decent dispersal but it’s definitely going to need the number I planned on using. Still, the white’s damn bright, which is going to make both a good running light and reverse light.

I did slightly burn the tip of one finger on a resistor. The things are getting incredibly hot, so I’m a little concerned about what the end-use resistors I ordered today from Digi-Key are going to do. Will have to set one of the running lights up and see what happens when they show up!

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