Blinded by the light

So I got around to taking a stab at soldering one of the red LED’s to the board last night. Soldering is just as difficult as I remember it being, I really need to take that TechShop class on it, or just get more practice. I got the board set up on my ‘vette and rested the wires on the battery terminals and observed the LED’s for a bit.

I have to say, I’m going to have to reconsider how many LED’s I’m going to use, because holy moly that one LED was bright! I was actually seeing spots in my vision if I looked at it for too long! As you can see in the photos below, I placed the tail light lens over the LED and it quite efficiently lit the whole housing. I may switch from 15+ LED’s for just the brake light down to a more sensible number like… 5? I really don’t want to be driving the car, hit the brakes, get hit, and when they’re asked why they hit me have the response be “Because I couldn’t see!”

Over the weekend I plan on doing a test soldering / lighting of┬ásingle orange and white LEDs to the board to take a look at them as well, I’ll upload picts if I get a chance to do this.

In other news, I’ve added links in Outside Connections for another parts supplier and to the Replica DB4 Project. If you haven’t heard about the latter, I highly recommend you check it out!

Also, something I came across a short while ago and forgot to share up here is a YouTube video by Driven checking out the Morgan factory. It’s a good watch and really gives a impressive look over what Morgan’s been up to.

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2 Responses to Blinded by the light

  1. Kent says:

    I just spent a bunch of time reading thru your all of your posts on this project, nice work so far, great posts and fun to read! Hopefully you can keep at it, you’re just getting to the really fun part, mocking in the engine/tranny, and suspensions. If you have a welder, it might be interesting to chop the frame on the solstice at each suspension end, tack weld in some 2×3 tubing to the proper wheelbase, and see how the morgan parts drape over it. Then you could quickly see how things might work out.
    I look forward to seeing future progress!

  2. Dan (notman) says:

    I would also recommend testing the LEDs out in bright sunlight. They are definitely bright, but I’ve seen classic cars here, with brake lights that get lost in bright sunlight.

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