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Just some more updates

Heya folks, figure I’ll dish out some updates for you on various things. First things first, those LED taillights. I finally got around to running the circuit board on the CNC router, and despite a mishap I’ll probably be soldering … Continue reading

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An uplifting weekend

Adding to the constant list of things that keep me from moving forward is recent garage renovations we’ve started on. Part of that work is to move the storage space from above the secondary garage / work shop to over … Continue reading

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Up, Up & Away!

Had quite a cool day in the sun today! I drove over to Watsonville (near Santa Cruz) for the annual “Watsonville Fly-In & Airshow“. I’ve been to it once before and enjoyed it just as much this time. I’ll let … Continue reading

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Sending signals

After a rather unpleasant day of hauling furniture and then having to work on a Saturday, I grabbed some pizza, watched some Adventure Time, an decided to solder up the orange and white LED’s like I said I would. Process … Continue reading

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Blinded by the light

So I got around to taking a stab at soldering one of the red LED’s to the board last night. Soldering is just as difficult as I remember it being, I really need to take that TechShop class on it, … Continue reading

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Power board

Just a quick update. Dug through the shed, found a nice ~4′ square piece of plywood that already had one side painted white. I cleaned off all the dust and cobwebs and started mounting (drilled holes with zip-ties) the electronics … Continue reading

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Solid. Works.

My current job entails two utterly unrelated fields: I’m a parts buyer, and I run a CNC router. The latter of the two jobs requires that I have at least some understanding of CAD programs and such. Fortunately my previous … Continue reading

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The Family History of the Morgan Motor Company

Morgan Motors posted this on their Facebook feed today. Nice to be able to put a face to the name of the man who dug up the chassis record for my +4. If you check this site out at all, … Continue reading

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Live and Let Drive checks out the Morgan Factory

Probably one of the better videos about the Morgan factory I’ve seen.

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Not much

Haven’t touched the MogRod since the getting the EcoTec motor mounts in the mail; between a few remodeling projects, work getting incredibly slow (yet still keeping me busy), and a number of other things, I haven’t really had time to … Continue reading

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